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Amazon Locker Optimization Credit Sways To Mathematical And AI-Driven Enhancements

Samyukta Sethuraman, a senior researcher with the Seattle Society’s multidisciplinary artificial intelligence team, presented an update on Amazon’s Locker, Amazon’s self-service packet delivery service. She revealed that the use of the Locker was steadily increasing and that, thanks to the machine learning, it became more and more consistent and reliable.

For the uninitiated, Locker allows buyers to choose a delivery address blocks in malls, business parks, gas stations, and local stores and to pick up their orders at this location, picking up a unique pick-up code on the touch screen of the closet. Customers can choose from different delivery options, such as the same day, the next day, or 3 to 5 Days, and packages stay in the closets for up to six days.

In the growth area, Sethuraman says that Lockers delivery doubled in areas where Locker is available in the US, Canada, EU, and the UK in 2018 compared to 2016. It predicts that by 2021 the number of traps will be 10x greater and that the number of deliveries is almost 30x higher compared to the last three years.

As of December 2017, cabinets were available in more than 2000 locations in more than 50 cities. In the United States, they are located in stores such as Spar, 7-Eleven, and some Whole Foods stores, and in the UK, Amazon cooperated with Morrisons and Cooperative Food.

Amazon offers packages to customers in a growing number of locations. In April, a few months after deliveries to the trunks of Cadillac and GM vehicles in 37 cities via Key In-Car, it worked with Ford to offer car service to the automaker.

At the time, Amazon said more than 500,000 customers in New York, San Francisco and across the country had access to the Hub, which is recruiting real estate to sign shipments from Amazon and other stores and websites.

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