Jack Nicklaus’ Favorite Thing About Golf? His Answer Will Warm Your Heart

This week’s PGA Tour event, the Memorial Tournament, takes place at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, affectionately known as “Jack’s Place.”

Jack Nicklaus, the course designer and tournament host, is present this week and has been engaging with the media, discussing topics ranging from the current state of golf to his own memories, such as losing a U.S. Junior match at age 14 at Los Angeles Country Club.

At the end of one media session, Nicklaus was asked a more personal question: “What is your favorite part of the game of golf?” His response was heartfelt and relatable.

“Well, the game of golf isn’t just one part; it’s many parts,” he began. “People often ask me what my favorite shot is, and I say, ‘It’s the one I’m playing right now.’ If it’s not your favorite, you better work on it until it becomes your favorite.

“I love what golf does for people. These young men growing up in the game learn to represent their areas, handle adults, and understand the courtesies of the game. Programs like First Tee have taught life lessons to so many kids, which is incredible.

“We see the impact of golf in communities hosting tournaments. For instance, when I first went to Valhalla, Dwight Gahm, who designed the course, told me he wanted to host the PGA Championship someday. Now, they’ve hosted five. He’s done well.”

A reporter asked about the challenges of golf, prompting Nicklaus to reflect further.

“Life is full of challenges, and golf is no different. If you don’t like challenges, golf might not be for you.

“I love the game of golf. It’s given me opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If I had missed about ten five-foot putts, none of this would have happened. I was blessed to succeed and use what I learned to contribute positively.”

The Memorial Tournament begins Thursday and is the seventh of eight Signature Events on the 2024 Tour schedule.

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