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Conversion Therapy For Transgender Causes Severe Distress, Suicidal Thoughts

Various conversion therapies offered by religious and secular professionals as a way to change a transgender person’s gender identity can lead to suicidal thoughts and distress according to a recent study. The Author of the study, Dr. Jack Turban said that the study was the first of its kind that aimed towards finding connection between such conversion practices and suicidal thoughts and distress among transgender people.

This study had over 27000 transgender volunteers that answered the questions in the survey. Out of these volunteers, 71% of people remember talking to some kind of secular therapist or religious figure about their gender and out of these 71% people, around 20% people admitted that they had to go through efforts to change them into cisgender from transgender after they met them.

Dr. Alex Keuroghlian, co-author of the study said that there has been an enormous rise in the number of transgender suicide attempts in the US as around 41% transgender people have reported experiencing such thoughts. He added that the study shows that transgender people who have been exposed to efforts aimed at converting them have nearly double the chance of attempting suicide as compared to people who didn’t.

Turban said that the study uncovered an alarming truth. He said that those transgender people who experienced these efforts in their childhood have a lot higher chances of having mental distress. He added that those who have experienced this before being 10 years old are 4 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts throughout their life. He also said that this study is very important as a lot of people support these therapies for children. Currently, 18 states have banned conversion therapies for minors and nearly every major health organization has spoken against them. The study did not find any difference in results of both the therapies. However, more people visited secular professionals like psychiatrists and counselors rather than going to a religious advisor.

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