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Garmin Expects Alexa Will Convince Users To Purchase A Devoted GPS

There is no question that devoted GPS units are decreasing in an era when your handset is often sufficiently good for navigation. Garmin, on the other hand, thinks it can fend off obsolescence in an easy manner—by including a voice assistant you would employ on your handset. The new DriveSmart 65 is the firm’s first complete-display GPS to include Alexa. It employs AI assistant to manage the tasks that might normally need staring at your infotainment system or phone.

You can ask Alexa to check the weather, play music, or manage other pertinent skills while you are driving, with outcomes popping up on the 7-inch display of the unit. You will still see basic navigation info regardless what Alexa shows on screen. In the meantime, the GPS side has its separate “OK Garmin” voice control for getting directions and provides its own parking, live traffic, and weather functions. There is an additional USB port to keep your handset charged if personal connections of your car are limited.

The DriveSmart 65 is accessible for a price tag of $300. It may be a hard sell—you can achieve much of what this does via your handset, particularly if your car has CarPlay, Android Auto, or its own Alexa feature.

On a related note, with GPS now a fundamental cell phone functionality, and more cars launching off the manufacturing lines with an in-built satnav systems, the role of separate satellite-navigation machines is dropping. Why has an additional device in your vehicle that requires extra maintenance? But Garmin believes there is still a place for them, specifically in the world of overlanding and off-roading. Garmin earlier declared an all-in-one GPS, the all-terrain Garmin Overlander, developed for users who need to explore the distant areas of the great outdoors.

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