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Oral Health Linked With Brain Functioning, Study Reveals

As per a new study, stress can adversely affects our oral health, which can further lead towards cognitive decline in particular elderly groups. It is surprising that individual well-being can be well indicated by their oral health. Oral health-related issues can be detrimental for the quality of a person’s life and also give rise to several other serious issues.

Scientists have discovered a link between stroke and tooth and gum ailments. In 2010, an article was issued in the JISP (Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology) which explained that risk of heart ailments could spike up by 20% in individuals suffering from gum ailments.

Now, a new link has been highlighted between an individual’s cognitive decline and oral health by a group of researchers at Rutgers Univ., NJ. Their research was published in the JAGS (the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society).

The study was conducted focusing on elderly Chinese Americans of not less than 60 years of age. The team basically put emphasis on ethnic and racial minorities who are more susceptible to poor oral conditions. As minorities don’t enjoy an equal dental care as the majorities, their oral health gets more vulnerable to declination. Even lack of oral insurance and infrequent visits to dentists increase more risk in elderly Chinese Americans.

Around 2,700 Chinese American partakers for the research came from PINE (Population Study of Chinese Elderly in Chicago). They underwent two studies. The 1st test studied their oral condition and they’re given 5 cognitive checks to perform. In the 2nd test, participants were asked whether they’d experienced issues like dry mouth. Then their stress level, and social supports were measured.

At the end, the scientists could establish a link between cognitive decline and tooth related issues. Even the 2nd test showed that participants experiencing higher level of stress had experienced dry mouth.

Now, it is crucial for the researchers to raise awareness and call for the attentions of lawmakers to create programs for enhancing oral condition in this population.

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