How Much Did Tiger & Charlie Wood Win At The 2023 PNC Championship

While the coveted Willie Park belts went home with Team Langer at the 2023 PNC Championship, Tiger and Charlie Woods made unforgettable memories and secured a respectable 5th place finish, earning a five-figure payday along the way.

The father-son duo started strong, battling back from an early deficit with some impressive teamwork. Charlie’s sizzling performance, including a chip-in birdie that sent Tiger jumping for joy, was a highlight of the tournament. This incredible shot not only contributed to their comeback but also earned them a substantial share of the prize money.

While the exact final payout for each team tied for 5th is not publicly available, it’s estimated that Team Woods walked away with approximately $47,000. This five-figure sum may not have been the championship prize, but it reflects the fierce competition at the top and the exciting nature of their comeback.

More importantly, the PNC Championship offered a glimpse into the bond between Tiger and Charlie, with Tiger’s genuine pride in his son’s talent shining through. Their camaraderie and competitive spirit were a delight to watch, providing heartwarming moments that transcended the final score.

While the trophy eluded them this year, Team Woods left the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club with pockets full of prize money and hearts brimming with shared experiences. Charlie’s remarkable chip-in, the roar of the crowd, and Tiger’s infectious smile solidified the 2023 PNC Championship as a tournament to remember, even without a first-place title.

The Woods team may not have walked away with the top prize, but their performance, particularly Charlie’s clutch shot, ensured they were not forgotten. The $47,000 payout serves as a sweet reminder of their impressive comeback and the joy of competing together. Whether they claim the championship trophy in the future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Team Woods brought the heart and excitement to the 2023 PNC Championship.

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