How Many Children Does Tiger Wood’s Ex Wife Elin Nordegren Have?

Elin Nordegren, the former Swedish model and ex-wife of golf legend Tiger Woods, has carved her own path beyond the spotlight of professional sports. While her marriage to Tiger thrust her into the public eye, Elin has built a fulfilling life centered around family and personal pursuits. This article explores the lesser-known side of Elin Nordegren – her role as a mother to her four children.

A Family of Four

Elin Nordegren shares two children with Tiger Woods: daughter Sam Alexis, born in 2007, and son Charlie Axel, born in 2009. After her divorce from Tiger in 2010, Elin went on to have two more children: son Flynne, born in 2019, and son Baker, born in 2017.

Raising Kids Out of the Spotlight

Unlike her children with Tiger, who were born during the height of her ex-husband’s fame, Elin has deliberately kept her younger children’s lives private. She rarely shares photos of them on social media and shields them from the public eye. This decision reflects her deep commitment to protecting their privacy and fostering a normal childhood away from the pressures of celebrity.

Building a Strong Bond with Her Children

Despite maintaining a low profile, Elin is known to be a devoted and loving mother. She prioritizes spending quality time with her children, indulging in activities like skiing, horseback riding, and attending cultural events. She is also actively involved in their education and personal development.

Motherhood Beyond the Headlines

Elin Nordegren’s journey as a mother is a testament to her strength, resilience, and dedication to family. She has successfully navigated the challenges of raising children in the public eye while carving out a fulfilling life for herself and her kids. Her story is an inspiration to mothers everywhere, showcasing the importance of prioritizing family and nurturing a safe and loving environment for children to thrive.


Elin Nordegren’s story goes beyond the headlines that once defined her. She is a successful businesswoman, a passionate sports enthusiast, and most importantly, a loving and devoted mother. By raising her children with a focus on privacy, education, and personal growth, Elin has paved the way for a fulfilling life beyond the glitz and glamour of the sports world.

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