Serena Williams and Husband Alexis Ohanian Takes Daughter To Vacation


Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian welcomed the new year with a memorable family adventure in the Caribbean alongside their 6-year-old daughter, Olympia. The couple, also parents to 4-month-old Adira River, treated their older daughter to a special island treasure hunt.

In photos shared on Monday, Williams and Ohanian, dressed as pirates, engaged in a one-on-one treasure hunt with Olympia. The quest involved piecing together a map to locate the buried treasure on a deserted Caribbean island. Ohanian playfully captioned a photo, “A naughty pirate stole a bunch of gifts for Jr, and she had to piece together a map, find the buried treasure on a deserted island in the Caribbean, and dig it up. I think we all know who did most of the digging, though.”

The retired tennis pro also shared more snapshots from their island adventure, teasing, “Yea we doing the unexpected for 2024… keep em guessing.”

In a previous interview, Williams mentioned that Olympia has been successfully embracing her role as an older sister to Adira. Despite initial worries about loving another child as much as Olympia, the 23-time grand slam champion expressed that everything worked out seamlessly.

“I was really nervous about that. But I feel like it all worked out,” Williams shared, referring to her concerns before Adira’s arrival. Olympia, who had prayed for a sister, now affectionately refers to Adira as her “little sis.”

The couple first announced Adira’s arrival on TikTok, capturing a heartwarming family moment. In the video, Olympia plants a sweet kiss on her baby sister’s forehead, creating a beautiful introduction to the newest addition to the family.

As Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian continue to create cherished family memories, their recent Caribbean treasure hunt exemplifies their commitment to making each moment special for their daughters.

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