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Camila Giorgi Reflects on Australian Open Exit and Controversial Umpire Calls”

Italian tennis player Camila Giorgi faced an early exit from the Australian Open, losing a hard-fought match against Victoria Azarenka with a score of 6-1, 4-6, 6-3. Despite nine other Italian players advancing to the second round, Giorgi’s match stirred controversy due to disputes over refereeing decisions.


In an interview with Eurosport, Giorgi expressed frustration when questioned about foot faults called by the chair umpire. She chose not to elaborate on her thoughts, stating, “I don’t want to comment or say what I think about this speech. There are certain things you can’t change because of so many things. I’m used to it, especially when I play against certain opponents. At some point, something always happens at an important moment. I’m not surprised; I prefer not to say for what reasons. She’s amazing, this is tennis.”


Despite the challenges, Giorgi remains positive about her performance, acknowledging the impact of her inactivity in the first set. “I gave everything. It’s been a long time since I came to take the point at the net and impose my tennis. In the first set, I paid for the period of inactivity. I don’t want to be critical of myself because in the second set, I played well. In the third, however, I only did well at times, not being as solid as I would have liked,” she shared during the press conference.


Looking ahead, Giorgi discussed her mindset after the defeat, revealing a day-by-day approach with no concrete plans. “I live day by day, I have no plans. I just want to feel good physically. Defeat no longer hurts. I have already given a lot to tennis, and now I live everything more lightly. I still have a lot of passion, but I don’t live with anxiety about performance.”


Despite the disappointment, Giorgi’s reflections suggest a resilient attitude and a focus on well-being over immediate sporting plans.

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