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Sabalenka Reflects on Grand Slam Success: ‘First One Is the Sweetest'”



Aryna Sabalenka secured her second Grand Slam victory recently, yet she acknowledges that the sweetness of her first Australian Open triumph from last year remains unparalleled. In a candid interview with Vogue Australia, she shared the evolving emotions tied to her Grand Slam successes.


Winning a Grand Slam brings relief after immense hard work, but the maiden major holds a unique significance for players, encapsulating a lifetime of dedication. Sabalenka expressed her sentiments, stating, “I still think that the first one is the sweetest one because it’s really tough to get the first one, and all the emotions and the things outside the court.”


While her second triumph brought its own special joy, Sabalenka struggled to articulate the emotions surrounding it. The emotional relief after winning a Grand Slam is universal among players, as the intense stress surrounding such events is a constant.


For Sabalenka, each Grand Slam victory brings a distinct experience, with a mix of happiness, exhaustion, and excitement. Reflecting on her recent win, she said, “It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling right now, it’s a combination of happiness, being exhausted, being super excited, and I can’t wait to come back. I feel like every time is different; you are facing different challenges.”


Despite having two Grand Slam titles to her name, Sabalenka is eager for more opportunities in the upcoming year. Her aspirations for additional victories underscore the relentless pursuit of the ultimate goal for tennis players. Only time will reveal if she seizes the chances that lie ahead.

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