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Paula Badosa’s Reaction to Aryna Sabalenka’s Friendship



Aryna Sabalenka recently shared insights into how her friendship with Paula Badosa has helped her navigate challenging life situations. The two tennis stars have cultivated a strong bond over time, often seen together at tournaments and sharing glimpses of their camaraderie on social media. Despite their on-court rivalry, they’ve prioritized maintaining their friendship.


During a recent episode of the WTA Insider Podcast, Sabalenka disclosed that her friendship with Badosa has encouraged her to become more open, especially after facing tough times. Reflecting on her past reserved nature, Sabalenka expressed gratitude for having a friend like Badosa to lean on during difficult moments.


In response to Sabalenka’s heartfelt words, Badosa reciprocated the affection in the comments section of the Instagram post.


Sabalenka’s triumph at the 2024 Australian Open, where she clinched the title without dropping a set, marked a significant achievement. Meanwhile, Badosa has been sidelined due to a back injury sustained during the Thailand Open, forcing her to retire from a match against Diana Shnaider.


Acknowledging Sabalenka’s influence, Badosa stated that she finds inspiration in her friend’s journey. The duo also partnered in the 2023 World Tennis League, where they showcased their chemistry on the court, with Badosa expressing joy at playing alongside her ‘closest friend.’


Their partnership extends beyond singles matches, with the pair teaming up for doubles on several occasions. Despite facing setbacks, their bond remains strong, evident in their shared experiences both on and off the court.




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