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Saints Expected to Appoint San Francisco Coach as Offensive Coordinator Post Super Bowl



The Atlanta Falcons’ restructuring under Raheem Morris has been pivotal, potentially steering the organization toward immediate success. Yet, they’re not alone in enhancing their lineup this offseason. The Carolina Panthers have secured Dave Canales, former offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as their new head coach, while the New Orleans Saints are poised to refine their offensive squad.


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Saints are set to enlist Klint Kubiak, passing game coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, as their offensive coordinator following the Super Bowl. With the impending matchup, Kubiak’s transition underscores the league-wide recognition of San Francisco’s coaching talent.


As the San Francisco 49ers aim for Super Bowl victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, head coach Kyle Shanahan’s influence remains paramount. His innovative wide-zone offense has become a sought-after blueprint across the NFL, propelling his coaching staff into prominent roles elsewhere. Atlanta, familiar with Shanahan’s success, now anticipates Kubiak’s potential impact.


New Orleans’ decision to replace longtime offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. reflects a strategic shift, opting for Kubiak, who aspires to emulate his father’s achievements. Gary Kubiak, with a Super Bowl triumph as an assistant coach for the 49ers, paved the way for a successful head coaching career, a legacy Klint aims to uphold.


Klint Kubiak’s journey from Texas A&M to NFL coaching roles, including stints with the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos, highlights his pedigree and experience. Joining Shanahan’s staff in San Francisco enhances his prospects for advancement, potentially leading to organizational leadership.


Amidst Atlanta’s strategic overhaul and quarterback search, they must recognize the evolving landscape within the NFC South. Failure to capitalize on the offseason improvements risks perpetuating mediocrity in a fiercely competitive division.


Overall, the Falcons’ rival’s acquisition of Kubiak signifies a calculated move to bolster their offensive prowess, setting the stage for an intensified rivalry within the NFC South.

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