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Beating Pete Sampras in his backyard Wimbledon was so special, I wanted to beat him in his house: When Roger Federer spoke on practicing with legend


In an exclusive interview with Wimbledon Magazine, tennis maestro Roger Federer opened up about his extraordinary journey, reminiscing on the cherished moments that shaped his illustrious career. Amongst the myriad of memories, Federer delved into the significance of practicing with one of the sport’s greatest icons, Pete Sampras, and the profound impact it had on his game.


Federer, often hailed as the greatest player of all time, reflected on the privilege of sharing the court with Sampras, particularly at Wimbledon, where the American legend reigned supreme with seven singles titles. Recounting their intense practice sessions, Federer revealed, “Facing Pete at Wimbledon, in his backyard, was an experience like no other. The aura of Centre Court combined with his unmatched skill made every rally feel monumental.”


The Swiss maestro, known for his elegance and precision on the court, spoke candidly about the inspiration he drew from competing against Sampras. “As a young player, I idolized Pete. His style, his composure—it was something I aspired to emulate,” Federer confessed. “But stepping onto the same court with him, exchanging shots, it fueled my determination to carve my own legacy in the sport.”


However, it was their encounter in Sampras’ private residence that left an indelible mark on Federer’s psyche. “After Wimbledon, Pete graciously invited me to his home for a friendly match. It was surreal—competing against him in his own domain,” Federer recounted with a smile. “But that’s the beauty of tennis—it transcends the boundaries of venues and tournaments. It’s about the camaraderie forged through shared passion.”


When asked about the significance of defeating Sampras in his own house, Federer’s eyes sparkled with nostalgia. “It was a surreal moment, to say the least. Beating Pete at Wimbledon was special, but triumphing in his house, surrounded by his trophies and memories, it was a tribute to the mutual respect and admiration we share for this beautiful game.”


As Federer continues to etch his name in the annals of tennis history, his journey remains a testament to the enduring spirit of sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence. And while his illustrious career may be nearing its twilight, the memories of practicing with legends like Pete Sampras will forever illuminate the path he paved for future generations of tennis prodigies.

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