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Roger Federer speaks on retirement

  1. Roger Federer recently spoke with GQ in his first extensive interview since retiring from tennis, revealing he doesn’t miss the sport much but still finds hitting a forehand akin to riding a bike. He shared his busy post-retirement schedule, including involvement with the Golden State Warriors and family trips, emphasizing the importance of cherishing every moment. Federer also discussed his emotional reaction to an upcoming documentary about his final Laver Cup, admitting to shedding tears multiple times during a screening. Despite his absence from professional play, Federer showcased his enduring tennis prowess during a casual match at Stanford University, impressing with his impeccable forehand technique. Additionally, the article highlights the Johnny Mac Tennis Project’s efforts to promote inclusivity in tennis, particularly in New York City, through scholarships and community programs. Their recent introduction of the Young Professional Council aims to further expand their reach and impact within the community.

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