Tyson is getting ready to fight, and here are these words. “I came out and started crying.”

Tyson is getting ready to fight, and here are these words. “I came out and started crying.”

Mike Tyson’s life can be described with many epithets, but one of them is certainly not “boring”. Currently, “Iron Mike” is preparing to fight Jake Paul. It was originally supposed to take place in July, but due to the legendary boxer’s health problems, it was postponed to November. One of the 57-year-old’s former coaches shared an anecdote from almost two decades ago that shows how bad the American’s condition was at the time.

Mike Tyson is preparing for his first boxing fight of 2020. He will face Jake Paul in November, although the fight was originally supposed to take place in July. Jeff Fenech, who prepared Tyson for fights several decades ago, gave an interview recently. After his statement, it must be admitted that although the current health condition of “Iron Mike” is certainly not the best , it is not comparable to the one he presented at the end of his professional career.

Tyson’s fight has been postponed, the whole world is waiting for itMike Tyson is undoubtedly considered one of the best boxers of all time. Although he has had an impressive career, he would certainly have achieved even more if it were not for his numerous addiction problems. The 57-year-old’s last fight was in 2020, when he faced Roy Jones Jr. For a long time, there was speculation whether “Iron Mike” would decide to cross gloves with Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber. Ultimately, the fight was scheduled for July 20, and the whole world was waiting for it. Unfortunately, at the end of May, Tyson’s health problems made themselves felt again. While traveling by plane from Miami to Los Angeles, he experienced a flare-up of his peptic ulcer. Many wondered whether the American would ever be able to fight an official fight again .Tyson, however, does not give up so easily. Recently, the organizers announced the new date of the fight in Texas. It will take place on November 15.

Shocking words about Tyson from his former trainerJeff Fenech is a former Australian boxer who has known Tyson since the late 1980s. He was the one who prepared the legendary boxer for his last fights in his professional career, about 20 years ago. In an interview, the Australian shared a memory that well illustrates the condition of “Iron Mike” at that time .advertisement

He then emphasized that Tyson’s wife played a great role in getting back on track. “I’ve learned that when you have good people around you, good things happen to you. Mike’s wife is a wonderful woman who played a huge role in this process,” added the Australian.Everything indicates that the 57-year-old’s worst moments are already behind him. We can only keep our fingers crossed that he will prepare properly and fight at a high level in mid-November.

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