3 Hidden Benefits JetBlue Mosaic Members Can Get

JetBlue’s Mosaic program offers a range of perks to frequent flyers, from free checked bags to priority boarding. But beyond the well-known benefits, there are some hidden gems that can make your travel experience even smoother. Here are 3 under-the-radar benefits Mosaic members can leverage:

1. More Choice with Mosaic Perks You Pick

While standard Mosaic perks like free drinks and priority security are great, the Mosaic Perks You Pick program offers a chance to personalize your benefits. At Mosaic 1 and with each level up thereafter, you get to choose an additional perk. Here are some of the lesser-known options (as of June 2024):

  • Gift a 20-Tile Bonus: This new perk for 2024 allows you to share the Mosaic love! Gift a friend or family member a 20-tile head start towards their own Mosaic journey.
  • IHG One Rewards Platinum Status: This new partnership grants Mosaic members automatic Platinum status with IHG One Rewards, the loyalty program for major hotel chains like InterContinental and Kimpton. Enjoy benefits like bonus points, room upgrades (subject to availability), and priority check-in at IHG hotels worldwide.
  • FoundersCard Blue Membership: FoundersCard offers access to exclusive discounts and benefits across travel, entertainment, and lifestyle categories. With the Mosaic perk, you get a complimentary Blue membership, unlocking deals on everything from airport lounges to sporting events.

2. Prioritized Treatment on Partner Airlines

JetBlue has partnerships with several airlines, allowing Mosaic members to earn and redeem points on flights beyond JetBlue’s network. But the benefits go beyond points. While specific perks may vary by partner airline, some offer priority services like:

  • Priority Check-In and Boarding: On certain partner airlines, Mosaic members may be able to skip the regular lines and enjoy a faster check-in and boarding experience.
  • Priority Security Lanes: Similar to JetBlue flights, some partner airlines might extend priority security access to Mosaic members, expediting the security screening process.

3. Earning Points Faster with Strategic Spending

While flying JetBlue is the primary way to earn Mosaic points, there are some hidden opportunities to accelerate your points accumulation:

  • JetBlue Credit Cards: The JetBlue Card and JetBlue Plus Card offer bonus points on JetBlue flights and everyday purchases. The Plus Card even offers a welcome bonus and increased points on restaurant spending.
  • JetBlue Vacations: Booking a JetBlue Vacation package allows you to earn not only points on the flight portion but often bonus points on the hotel and other inclusions.

By strategically using these hidden benefits, JetBlue Mosaic members can unlock a more rewarding and convenient travel experience. Remember to check the JetBlue website or app for the latest program details and specific benefits offered by partner airlines.

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